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Originally Posted by Mishka&Milo View Post
Mishka is 10 weeks old, and I have already taught her sit, stay, speak, shake, lay down, down on one side, spin, and crawl. She can also do all of those with added distractions. I want to work on heel, but I'm not sure if she is too young. I've trained other dogs, but she seems to have a will to learn like no other I have had.... And I'm running out of things to teach a puppy...Any ideas on more commands?

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If you haven't already...incorporate hand signals for all the commands she already responds to per your verbal commands.

Also, teach her from a distance to perform all her maneuvers...such as a down/wait...walk away 10-20 yards and on her recall have her, per your verbal/hand signal go back to a down halfway back to you. Getting a dog to stop dead in it's tracks and lay down via a hand signal might be the best thing you ever teach your dog if you see a potential hazard to her well being coming her way.....i.e. a car under way.

Your success with Mishka is once again refreshing to hear about as it shows how incredibly smart a GSD is.

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