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Default Good bye my sweet boy

Well it's been 4weeks as of today and I'm writing this with tears running down my face but I'm hoping writing about this will some how help me, it started on Monday evening Niko was laying outside in his house (he loved his dog house) I opened the door and asked if he was ready for supper he got up and whined and layed back down so I stepped outside(his house was right at our kit cake door) and tried to coax him out but he couldn't step out, I called my husband and he came home from work bout 40 minuits ( I sat there freezing with him the whole time) we rushed him to the vet, once in there he was able to step out of his house ( vet said because of his adrenaline blocking his pain) she diagnosed him with a pinched nerve in his back and sent us home with pain meds and antiamflamitory. He wouldn't eat supper but did eat a couple chicken necks and went and layed on his bed in the living room, as the night went on he started crying in pain and couldn't move hias back legs but we figured the meds just needed to kick in, we'll at about 12:30am we just couldn't take him crying anymore so we rushed him to the er vet (30 minuits)soon as we got there they gave him pain meds and took e-rays that showed a slipped disc in his back that was pushing on his spine ( paralyzing his back legs) to do surgery would have given him a 50/50 chance that he would recover so we made the most difficult decision to let. Him go because he was in so much pain. My husband and I didn't leave his side the whole time and I was hugging him as he left us. It's been 4 weeks and I still can't go a day without crying, I just wish I could hug and kiss his nose one more time but can't.
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