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As long as one makes an informed decision based on THEIR locale, the health and history of their animals, and where the animals go, I don't care if one person's "protocol" is the same as mine. In fact I don't know any person that uses the exact same protocol that I do, but all of our dogs are healthy and we each have different considerations.

Right now I do three puppy shots. Typically the first is given by the breeder so it's their choice when to start the series. The other two are given 3-4 weeks apart by my vet and I let them use whatever combo they feel is best. At 6 months we do rabies. One year later, we do another rabies and a distemper/parvo. Then just rabies and distemper/parvo every 3 years until the dog is a senior and no longer out of the house other than our own yard and leash walks. I also have to license my dogs with the county, paying double for the intact ones. I do not do bordetella vaccines.
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