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Originally Posted by misslesleedavis1 View Post
her reason being that "dogs live off the land, and vaccines are not needed in their natural state",
Wow. I can't think of many worse arguments.
I'd counter that with: "what is the average life expectancy of a dog in a natural state?"

I'd answer it with:
If these natural dogs don't die of sheer starvation, diseases such as parvovirus, heartworm, or intestinal parasites usually kill them. Their average life span is one to two years per National Geographic.

I think we do over vaccinate. Texas A&M had studies that showed that for vaccines like rabies, the vaccine is active for long after the year mark. Scientifically speaking, there is some justification for ditching annual some vaccines. Throw in heath conditions - like Degenerative Myelopathy that may have an auto-immune component, over vaccination can be a bad thing.
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