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For rabies, the law requires. You put off the 1st puppy shot as long as you can, That one needs to be boostered then as law requires. You will be in a lot of hurt if you do not. Everyone makes their own mind up on the rest but realize what you do/don't give will impact your access to training classes, boarding kennels, etc. FWIW, death by disease is not a stranger to wild animals. While dogs are protected by distemper from "herd immunity" in the dog population, those pesky racoons are still out there getting it and shedding it.

Personally, I have given the core vaccines and boostered after 1 year the standard distemper, parvo, hepatitis then had titers drawn last year on the parvo and distemper. Going forward I will probably just draw parvo tempers as that is the one, I think, that lasts the shortest. No plans to do more. I did make sure to separate out so Rabies was given all by itself as it is the one more likely to have a reaction.

Leptospirosis - controversial. I can't answer for you. I have not done and hope not to regret. If you do give it, it does not cover all strains of disease and must be given every year. The viral vaccines appear to have at least 7 year, if not life, immunity. Lepto is a bacteria.

Google AAHA vaccine guidelines and also Google Dr Dodds and that may be give you a point for developing your own viewpoints.

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