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Originally Posted by onyx'girl View Post
I've never had an issue with parasites, and don't 'treat' anything other than freezing like Nancy posted.
Not sure I'd want to feed anything that has been brined like that.
All of my meat gets vaccumed sealed and frozen. And I'm sure that kills the parasites alone. But I'm still super paranoid. Ever since them two cases came into where I was working I've just been on the fence about it. I don't feel anyone is in the wrong for raw feeding. A lot of people do it with never having any problems. After

I vaccinate my animals. Its just like vaccinating yourself to prevent stuff. Some people just like to find ways to look better then other people. They don't vaccinate great for them. You do. It works for you. Your dog is domestic. Not wild and by some state laws have to have certain shots. If it works for you great
I'll never not vaccinate my dog.

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