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Sounds to me like you have a GSD puppy This is common behavior. I wouldn't really be concerned with it, but do address it. What does the trainer say to do...if he/she says slap the e collar on and shock her...find another trainer. The only good way to use those is once the dog knows 100% what is being asked and chooses to disobey, that's where the collar comes in handy, at the lowest level that your dog can feel. When guests arrive she needs to be on leash so you can correct her...she gets whiny and her out to another room, shut the door, wait till the whining stops, try again. It would be benificial (sp) to get people to come to your home for practice with this and tell them if she does jump up to turn with their head up and ignore her. Your daughter...the circling (they are a herding breed) you can also address this on lead also with removal.

Out back you need to teach her to quiet on command. That way when she barks, you say quiet, she stops, you reward. Are there things for her to do in the yard? Or is she just going out to potty? For walking...look up BAT (behavioral adjustment training) It is very helpful! Does she prefer food or toys? You need to find her motivation and it better be stronger than the dogs that are walking by. If food doesn't hold her interest, use a squeaky toy.

Also if a dog walker can't handle a bouncy puppy, they aren't a good dog walker lol. JMO. Find one that knows how to deal with the jumping appropriatly so she can address it as well when she comes to walk her.

And I agree...she needs more activity so a dog walker is good, if they know what they are doing. Also mental stimulation is better at this age than physical, hint hint Good luck!!
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