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Originally Posted by Lucy Dog View Post
They're solid trucks and pretty easy to work on if things break down if you know jeeps, but you really need to be careful when picking out the right one.

This one is about 20 years old and depending on the previous people that owned the truck, tend to be driven pretty hard. A lot harder than your average car at least.

I wouldn't buy anything until I put that car on a lift and check all over for rust at the very least.
I have owned a 2003 for the last 8 years that I bought used with 42,000 miles.
It currently has 205,000 miles and has been one of the best vehicles I have ever owned.

I agree with Lucy Dog that it needs to be checked over really well for rust. Do you know anyone who is Jeep savvy to go with you to look at it?

I can't say enough good about the inline 6 motor. We haven't had to do any engine work to mine so far. As a matter of fact, neither my transmission (5 spd) nor my clutch have had any work either!

Jeeps tend to hold their value, so you will probably pay more for a 1994 Wrangler than another make of car or truck of that same year. That said, I look at mine as a convertible in the summer and a four wheel drive in the winter. Doesn't get much better than that!

I suggest you sign up for the Jeep Wrangler forum, like I did. There are many very experienced people on there who can tell you exactly what things to look for on that particular year and whether or not the asking price is reasonable. And if you do sign up for the forum? Just make sure you never refer to it as a CAR, lol. You can call it a Jeep, rig, vehicle or truck. If you call it a car, you will get the same reaction as someone would on here calling their GSD a Shepard instead of a shepherd.

Good luck Jeep hunting!

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