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I was attacked by a GSD K9 at about 6-7 years old. 52 stitches in my neck and face. I woke up with a Dr. sitting on my chest. It revolved around food.

Cocker Spaniels have more bite incidents per year than any large breed. I love big dogs. I was afraid for awhile as a child after it happened. I have always immersed myself in our dogs. You keep bonding and training and I can't imagine you having an issue when she gets bigger. My pup loves when I get on the floor with him.

I had a breakthrough on the biting this weekend. He would bite, I tell him "no biting", he would bite again and I would get up off the floor, sit in my office chair with my back to him and he reacted like the world was ending. About 4 reps of this and he hasn't bit me since. Now when I see the teeth coming, "no biting" and he has actually redirected *himself* to a toy. Usually his bone since that what we had been redirecting to, when he got mouthy.
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