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Tired/nervous pup - snarl bite at face.

My pup is just 3 months old and it is very important to me that we recognize what she needs and what we can do to have a happy home with a successful dog. She is a white GSD/husky mix (we think) and she has shown a lack of confidence and some weak nerves. Yesterday we were all at a sledding hill, off to the side her and I were enjoying our own personal space with her on a lead. She seemed to be enjoying herself but then got tired and kept trying to sit and lay down behind me or my husbands feet. I was resting on my knees next to her when a car began pulling up in the area close to us so I grabbed her lead and pulled her towards me so she was safe. I was watching the vehicle, not her face, and when I turned around as I pulled her into me - kind of hugging her - she snarled and reached her head around and bit me sideways on the face.
Not 'hard'. I've never experienced this before and it really worries me. It has affected my interactions with her because I don't known how to understand what happened. Is this fear/aggression? just aggression? warranted? unwarranted? warning sign of problems to come?

What would you suggest I do? Should I have her temperament assessed? We are going to do puppy obedience starting this week. She has no intentional breeding - she is a rescue, but we took her home at 8 weeks.

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