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I'm afraid of dogs

Hello, this is my first post here. We have a 3 month old German Shepard/Husky mix (female) her name is Bailey. We have had her for about a month now. Not sure how to pose my question so I'm just going to get to it. I was bit by a doberman pincher when I was about 3 years old (I hugged her while she was eating and she nearly took my eye off) I have very vague memories of the whole thing but one that has remained is my fear of big dogs. There are about 2 or 3 dogs that I am okay around, I guess just because of the vibe they give me (like my moms dog -rottweiler, and my friends dog - pitbull) we have this german shepard pup (whom I adore!!) well I have been watching and reading everything I can on how to train a dog because I am really afraid that once Bailey gets larger I will be afraid of her. I have no fear now but I know it wont be long before she is over 50 lbs. Any tips on how to bond with her to get over my fear or train her so I don't have to be afraid of her when she is bigger?

PS the training has gone pretty well so far, she was easy to housebreak, and teach simple commands, its been fun actually because she gets it so quickly...except come, down, and no bite - she ignores all of these commands.
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