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Originally Posted by Sp00ks View Post
I'm not an expert trainer by any stretch of the imagination. I could never get her to stop.

Our current pup started doing that in the car and I can't stand the thought of going through that again.

Here is what I have been doing. I put a zip lock of treats in the car. When he gets in the car I treat. We make it to the end of the driveway without him crying, I treat. We make it to the stop sign at the end of the street without him crying, I treat. etc. If he cries or whines, no treats. You could also hold the treat so he could see it, when he chills out, mark the behavior, and treat.

So far that seems like it is working. Eventually I will start backing off on the treats until I eliminate them. However, he is currently 9 weeks old. Your mileage may vary.
Thanks, I've tried the treats a little, but I should take your advice and really focus on it. The one thing that has made a difference is I put a plastic storage tote on the seat next to him, it keeps him from getting too excited. He used to jump from window to window, now he sits stiller and doesn't get so worked up. I'll definitely try the treat thing though.

I keep meaning to try short trips, or trips when I have more time. I'm always heading somewhere so never end up stopping or really doing anything when he whines. I keep wanting yo try just stopping every time he whines too.
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