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Itchy snout and fur loss

My 14 month old GSD sometimes rubs his face with his paws or on surfaces around the house. I'm not entirely sure when he started doing it, but recently I noticed some fur loss. It crept up really gradually and is almost impossible to see except in direct light at the specific angle in the photo I attached. The thin area extends over his snout and looks the same on the other side of his face. I've also attached a photo of his eye area. I'm not sure if there's anything going on here; my other GSD is all-black and doesn't make a very good reference, but it looks like there might be some loss around his eyes and on his eyebrow. When he rubs his face, it's pretty much all over the muzzle area, including the bottom.

I'm not satisfied with his current vet, so I'm searching for a new one right now and will make an appointment soon. I would certainly appreciate any thoughts from other forum members. Dermdectic mange seems to be mentioned most frequently when snout fur loss comes up. The other common causes are allergies and sometimes diet-related nutrition issues. He is fed a raw diet with some occasional kibble (orijen). He's intact and has no other health issues I'm aware of. I haven't noticed scratching or fur loss anywhere other than his face.

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