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Uncontrollable Barking...At a Tree

My husband and I recently bought our first house and promptly spent a ton of time and money on a new fence so that our 3-1/2 year old GSD Reagan could enjoy the backyard. We had previously rented a house with a similarly-sized fenced in yard and never had any issues with him being out there on his own as long as we were home.

Since moving into the new house, Reagan has been pretty reluctant to go outside on his own. I will open the door and he will run out onto the deck and then turn around and wait for me to come with him. If I don't, he immediately runs to a large tree in the yard, puts his front paws up on the tree and barks (pretty aggressively) like he can see a squirrel or something up there. I've tried to teach him that if he does that, he comes inside. The problem is that in order to get him inside, I have to go out and physically bring him in. Most times, he'll run away before I can grab him, and start acting like we're playing some kind of game. Its getting to be extremely frustrating and frankly, if I were my neighbors, I'd be pretty tired of it by now.

Obviously we both go out and play with him as often as we can, but this is happening every time we let him out. We do have an e-collar that was used by our trainer a couple years ago and that we now use to maintain his training. It has no effect on him when he is barking at the tree.

Any advice/suggestions would really be appreciated. I will be contacting our trainer about it. Just thought I'd try here first.

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