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Normal behavior changes with age or is something wrong?

Sookie, my female gsd mix (with Australian cattle dog) is now about 13 months old. When we first got her at 7 months she was insane - energy level off the charts at all times even with 6-8 hours of exercise/play. The past 2-3 months there has been a real change in her energy level. She now only needs about 3 hours of exercise a day to be calm in the house (usually a 2 hour off-leash hike through fields and forest with lots of running and recall training in the morning/early afternoon and a 1 hour off-leash run-around in the field playing tag in the evening). We do some obedience work throughout the day, at random times, five minutes here and there. She would still be happy to have more exercise in that she never gets tired when we are outside, but she no longer requires it in order to be chilled out in the house now. Is this normal - is she just becoming a 'good dog' rather than an insane puppy/adolescent, or should I consider something is wrong? She is still very alert and focused and 'ready to go' at all times, but now will just relax and be calm inside rather than destroying all things. She is super smart and I am also worried that throughout the day she isn't getting enough mental stimulation because even if I do command work 5 - 15 minutes every couple of hours there is still a lot of down time where she isn't actively being engaged. Thanks in advance for your replies!
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