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Obedience training help!

So let me give everyone a rundown about my Gsd before I get any answers.
I have a 3 1/2 year old female intact pure german shepherd. I rescued her in November of 2013 from a sad situation. Her owners couldn't afford her and she was very malnourished. She weighed 50lbs and didn't even have strength to jump into my car (which is a small hatchback and not high off the ground) Lola is very loving, she jumped right up and licked me when I went to pick her up, and she is the sweetest girl. I got her on some good grain free food as the previous owners said she had stomach issues and they couldn't find a good food for her (I personally don't think they could afford anything other than what she was being fed) and she has put on a healthy 15lbs since I got her. I took her to my work (I'm a vet assistant) and she was given all her shots and unfortunately diagnosed with heart worms but thankfully she didn't have the actual disease so it was easily treatable. Ever since the day I got her Lola has listened well, I was able to let her off the leash not even 24hours after having her and she would come to me when called. And if she was doing something she wasn't supposed to I could give a command (which is hard to explain in writing but it's kinda like your saying "at" but more emphasis on the a and a lot more drawn out) and she would immediately stop and come to me. But now after having her for a few months I am trying to teach her manners and obedience which she was never taught before. She will sit when told and she kind of knows down but when I give her the down command I have my hand palm down and I lower it to the ground and she will lay but then she immediately will lay flat on her side and lick my hand and twist and roll. I can't even attempt the stay command, she will just get up every time I go to step away from her and even though I immediately correct her and put her back into the sit or down position she will just lick me or rub on me and continue to not listen. I have not used a prong collar or a choke collar nor have I used an e collar on her. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do or if I should try a prong collar during training? I have tried treats but she is so overly food motivated (from being starved by her previous owners) that's she gets more distracted by trying to find the food in my pocket. She doesn't really have a favorite toy that she plays with, she will play with a toy for a minute or two and then become bored with it and move on to something else. I want to try to work with her myself before bringing in a trainer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I want greatly to have her as a retrieving dog/dock dog but i know that is very unlikely. But my main goal is just for her to be obedient.

Sorry I realize that this was a book of a post but I thought that everyone needed some insight into her background!

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