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Wire or plastic crate?

Hello! I picked up my wonderful new pup Juice (8 weeks) on Saturday and the breeder gave us a temporary puppy crate. It's the perfect size for him now, but in a few weeks he'll definitely have outgrown it.

One of the breeders we visited on our search for our little hairy terror told us to never use wire crates, as she's seen so many teeth ripped out or chipped from pups gnawing on the bars.

The breeder we ended up going with, however, loves wire crates because they're easier to clean/store and in our country we don't have AC and it allows better air flow, and the pups can see you better.

I've always used wire with my previous dogs, but the first breeder made me second guess myself.

I was just wondering what other people suggested. I searched around and it seems like wire is pretty safe. My bf's father can weld more bars to the crate to limit the ability for the dog to actually get his mouth around any bars as well.
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