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Male GSD is 17 weeks old

Due to moderate to severe HD on my former female GSD, I'm very paranoid in regards to this....She had to be put down at 4 1/2 to 5 years old due to cancer....

I now have a 17.2 week old old male GSD @ 37 lbs....At what age should I have my male GSD checked for this. He comes from a very good bloodline with great hips, but I understand there is always a chance regardless....I'm currently feeding him Blue Buffalo kibble. Started him on chicken and when we finished that bag, I switched to lamb.....I plan to alternate it after every bag.....I tried raw for a short time but I didn't feel confident with it at this time time....I plan to try again in the future.....I mix in some cooked venison hamburger, roast, etc at times,,,,,Wife cooks some scrambled eggs about once a week.....I use the beef broth from the roast to mix in with the kibble along with roast chunks. ...I try to keep it switched up,...I use the roast and venison for treats during marker trainer.....

I would like to include some organ meet, but will there be much benefits if it's cooked?

Back to the hips....

Is it common at 1 year old to do the X-rays or should I wait until 18 months....

Thanks a bunch .
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