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Should I be worried?

Hi everyone,I have a 3 yr old male gs whom I've had since he was 7 weeks old.My daughter has a 5 yr old male border collie mix that we've also had since a pup and the two dogs have always gotten along fine.Today I was play wrestling with my daughter and her dog didn't like it he started growling at me and eventually grabbed my arm.It wasn't a bite he softly grabbed me I took it as a warning him saying I don't like what your doing to my mom.The problem is my gs wasn't having that he grabbed my daughter's dog by the throat he wasn't playing he was mad.Now my daughter is worried about my dog hurting hers especially when no one is home.I'm wondering why would my boy do that? Like I said they've always been fine together and also should I be worried that my boy may hurt my daughter's dog?Thanks everyone for any input.
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