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Cat/Dog success stories

Hi all,
Our 9mo girl is much better with the cats and no longer chases (and the cats are far more used to her) but she still obsesses over the more confident cat and will herd/nose prod him if he walks through the lounge. We always try to praise her for calm, gentle behavior around the cats, but she does get punished for snapping, which she does now and then (play-snaps, never connects enough to make the cat notice). We use an xpen at night and for when we are out of the house, but she is extremely well behaved in-house, have never had an issue with destructive behavior, and I would like to be able to graduate her to being out of her xpen during the day, so she has more space to roam while I am at work/out.

Anyone got any success stories with dogs that 'bothered' their cats? She has been living with them since she was 9 weeks, so its not an intro issue anymore. She will lie on the couch with the cat no problem, but if he moves, its instant prey mode.

With dogs with a high prey drive, is there really any way of being confident that smaller pets will be safe? They have an upstairs which is gated off from the dog, so they can escape.
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