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How to deal with it?

I have a 3 year old male German/Czech shepherd who is very different from all of my previous shepherds. He is not a big barker, rarely growls etc. He is more of a "watcher and a thinker." He watches everything going on around him. He is good with my siblings and most other dogs don't seem to bother him. He is pretty good on commands. "Come, sit, stay, no, leave it etc." He is very bonded to me and is very protective of me. That is sort of the problem. If my parents go to come in the room in the morning and I am not awake he barks, growls and charges the door, which then wakes me up. I tell him "No!" and he usually settles down and is fine. As long as I am awake and say it's ok for him to let them in.
He is my permanent shadow (which I honestly don't mind!) He sits under my chair at the table, outside the bathroom door when I'm taking a shower, sleeps on my bed etc. But whenever someone else comes to sit next to me, he tries to push them out of the way. I make him get off and lie down on the floor. He seems to be very possessive of me.
Other than these issues (which need to be fixed) he is a great dog...possibly one of the best I've had. I have no problem walking him anywhere. He does great on leash and I'm not afraid of anyone bothering me! I don't know if it's because of the Czech (we've only had German bred shepherds) but he has definetly bonded closer than any of our other dogs, which were family dogs. This guy is definetly all mine!
*Guinness is about 110 and just turned three years old and lives with 3 other dogs, cats, chickens, goats etc. Not food or toy aggressive in the least...the cat pushes him out of the way to eat lol (don't know if that helps!)
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