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Looking for advice on getting a GSD

Hi, I'm new to this forum and have learned so much already!

I have a few questions...In doing research on breeders and learning all I can about the GSD breed I have come across some articles that talk about working vs show GSD and their differences in temperament and drives, is this true is there really two "classes" of GSD?

My family is a larger family, we have four kids and some cats. We settled on the GSD breed for their smarts and the fact that my husband travels a lot with his job and leaves me and the kids at home alone overnight often and I want a dog that can alert me of danger and/or help protect us if the need arose but most importantly I want a dog that can be a part of our family, traveling with us and going camping with us as well as being around our extended family and friends who come over to the house without having to be crated. Is a GSD going to provide this or would another breed fit the bill better?

We really want a dog but want one that will fit for us, just wanting to make sure that we are making the right choice...and I hope that a GSD is it
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