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Default How can I tell the difference b/w muscle strain/pull vs. hip/joint problems?

Dear Forum,

My 9 y.o. GSD seems to have some issues where he yelps when getting up. I think he may have suffered some injury to his left hind leg while chasing his ball the other day. I usually go to big empty parking lot and throw his ball so he really can wear himself out.

Now, a couple of days later, he seems listless. I have given him some buffered aspirin (325mg 2x per day) today but something is wrong. I have an appointment tentatively scheduled for next week. So far:

1. He doesn't put full weight on the left rear-leg. However, he doesn't shift his leg to the a sideways position indicative of an ACL tear.

2. Appetite is fine.

3. I can move his leg well without yelping however when I squeeze his thigh muscle by his body he yelps.

4. I tried the ACL joint drawer test and feel no movement whatsoever, which is good.

He is normally a very vivacious dog, what is worrisome though is that now he has a far-away look in his eyes. How can I tell the difference between hip vs. muscle strain?

I have looked on many many sites and am having a hard time differentiating between the two. A really good site I found that I can share that gives straightforward advice on pets: ACC

Any advice specific to GSDs would be very much appreciated.

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