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Advice on getting puppy/right breeder

My wife and I would really love to get a GSD. We both work morning shifts. I wake up at 4 and have to be to work by 5. She wakes up and bring me to work. She doesn't have to be to work until 7:30. She's back home around 11:30 for lunch. Usually has to be back to work around 12:45. We are both home at around 4 in the afternoon. My question is do you think we could get a GDS as a puppy with the schedule that we have. Keep in mind once we are home. We will take the pup wherever we go. We exercise everyday, so the pup being in shape and fit wouldn't be a problem. We are really set on getting a Black Sable GSD puppy. They are just the best looking GSDs. We live in Delaware and wouldn't mind traveling up to 6 hours for the right breeder. Any recommendations would be great. Any feedback really would be very much appreciated!
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