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Puppy diabetes.

Hi I'm new, excuse me for being rude and not introducing myself but I've a question quickly.

A little while ago my husband and I rescued a German shepherd puppy. He's a gorgeous little ball of fluff and was about 4 weeks old when we found him. After vets visits and a few touch and go nights (he was bones with fur) he started gaining weight and became a happy loving puppy. He's now 12 weeks old and the last couple of weeks he's been drinking non stop and peeing all the time. He was crying all day and night and swinging between eating non stop and going totally off his food. I noticed last week his breath smelled funny, I guess I noticed before but paid no attention. He also started loosing fur from around his eyes.
Long story short it looks like he may have diabetes, the vets have warned us to expect the worst from tests.
Anyone here have any advice or other ideas? He's so young I have no idea what his life expectancy will be if he is sick and I'm terrified.

Thank you.
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