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Originally Posted by 19Joanne86 View Post
Hi everyone,

im struggling with my puppy, Buzz. Whenever he sees me put my jacket/shoes on or he sees me with his leads he pees. Buzz has be house trained for sometime now and I take him out at about 10pm then he is fine until about 7am however during the day could be 90mins between walks he will still pee when he sees his lead.

So far I have tried leaving his lead lying around so hes not scared, I have tried ditracting him while putting his lead on but none of it is working he even pees on the carpet which he would never do. Im losing the will to live with it. I have now resulted in putting his lead on outside.

Any advice would be appreciated.,

Joanne xx


My first shepherd use to pee when people would come over to my house. She'd get all worked up and go through these crazy gyrations and then pee. She only did this when she was young and stopped before she was a year old.

I know it might seem like a mountain to climb but with my new pup, I incorporated a down stay before we'd go for a walk or somewhere with the leash. She would just loose her marbles when the closet door opened where my boots and leash were, so I figured no more of the whirling dervish and changed strategies. I'd put her on a down stay and then move toward the closet, she'd break and we'd start again....repeat 10X-20X. Finally, I could touch the door handle without her breaking.....GOOD GIRL..super premium treat time. Then it slowly proceeded ...step by step with small successes to get to the point where the leash and boots could come out of the closet without her breaking....patience, patience, patience. I think my pooch finally figured it out due to the inordinate amount of time it took to finally get out the front door. My experience suggests that a dog on a down stay takes the edge off them while being in this submissive position. I understand your problem is different than mine was but as you have acknowledged, you need a new approach. So, it might take a multitude of tiny steps to accomplish the big task but I do believe you will find success if you are patient and creative.

Hang in there,

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