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Random: Horse possible poisoned who is at fault?

So I was not part of this, but someone who is close to me is. And i changed the names to keep it safe.

Sam and Laura are "friends."

Laura did Sam a favor by giving her horses grain, hay, and water and to tuck them in for the night. Sam checked on one of the horses later the night at 12. (not the horse that was poisoned) In the afternoon Sam texts Laura about her selling something to her. Laura says no thanks. Sam than later texts her and says because her horses stall door was not locked, the horse got out and got into supplements with high protein ( and it could possibly colic) and also probably got into rat poison. Sam said that she put the rat poison away so that the dog that Laura would take wouldn't get into them. But that the horse somehow got into it.
Sam got the vet out and they are going to tube him and charcoal.. Sam's fiance wants Laura to pay for it. Laura says that the rat poison should not have been in there, that she was doing a favor and its an unreasonable request and that the last person who checked the barn was in charge for making sure the doors were all shut and locked. Sam's fiance says that either Laura takes the horse out, pays them money for the bill or gives the horse over to them...

Who's fault is it? Or is there even one? Who should be responsible? What would you do? Do you think Laura should pay the Vet bill or Sam?

Laura is worried about court and what not.. and I feel bad..

Just wondering what people who are not associated with either of the people think.

Side note: My opinion Sam is very selfish, she is the type of person to get something for free and sell it to a friend for $80.00 when its worth $100.00 new, or if one of her horse bucket's was mostly broken with a crack and her friend happened to be the one using it at the time and it breaks, Sam will make the friend pay for it. This kind of thing happens all the time with Sam..

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