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Pup in the hospital - twisted gut or something else?

Haven't actually slept yet so sorry if this post is put together odd. Navarro threw up Friday afternoon for no reason, but that isn't unheard of for him. He pooped normal at the park that day. Finally got him to start eating and drinking again at 1 pm the next day. He was a bit lethargic but figured if he's eating he must be feeling a bit better. He ate a few cups of kibble, a few fish and some chicken. He didn't poop much all day just a tiny bit of watery stuff. At about 1 am...12 hours after he started eating he was showing a lot of discomfort and lethargy, and puked up everything he had eaten that day all at once...which tells me nothing left his stomach. Rushed to the 24 hour hospital. They did xrays which showed no obvious obstruction but a lot of gas trapped in intestines. Waiting for blood tests to come back. They don't think its a twisted gut but what else could it be if nothing has left his stomach? They won't do a barium test on him I have asked...feeling pretty lost.
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