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Originally Posted by Stevenzachsmom View Post
As with all your threads - clarification is required. It is bad, if a dog eats a box of baking chocolate bars. It is no big deal if a dog eats a few M&Ms. Green potatoes, eyes, skins are bad. Cooked potatoes are generally fine. According to my dog, potato chips are awesome. Most kibble contains potato of some sort. Nut? Depends on the nut. Peanuts are OK. I wouldn't give my dog a ton of peanuts or a whole jar of peanut butter. I wouldn't give him macadamia nuts, which are toxic. I wouldn't give him an excess of any human food.

It is really important to know exactly what is toxic and how much it takes to be toxic. There are already many threads regarding toxins and safety issues. I imagine some are even stickies.
Say what you want I was given a minimum of how much can be posted on one of my other posts so I was trying not to go over that minimum. Hence the reason I out some it is common sence.

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