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Champagne Shepherd

Hello from Australia. I recently purchased a German Shepherd pup as a companion for my 10 month old German Shepherd x Husky. She is a pedigree puppy with both her parents being papered bicolour German Shepherds. The litter contained both bicoloured pups and 4 unusual champagne coloured pups. This was the first mating of these two parents. Both parents obviously must have the recessive masking gene to produce this result. Her other dogs apart from the bicolours are black/tan and sable. I purchased her at a reduced price since this was not the desired outcome from the breeding (but I'm more than happy with her). The parents are to be desexed because until now it was unknown that these dogs had the masking gene.

I just wanted to know any more information on this coloration. I know it is a variation of a white shepherd and I know it is a serious colour fault, but I don't know much more than that. Apart from her colour, she has fabulous hip/elbow scores and a wonderful nature.

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