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Who thought I would be so happy that he pooped!

So yesterday Dinozzo got a hold of a plastic film that you would find on a container of sour cream. Usually if he grabs something he shouldn't have he just plays with it. This time he gave me no chance to grab it and he ate the thing whole. I figured it was flimsy enough that it would be able to pass, but at the same time he seemed to eat it in more of a wad. I called the vet and they too figured it would be fine and only to be concerned if he started to throw up. (I know the signs of blockage and all but just wanted their opinion too.)
Sure enough today he finally passed it. Since he is still in the habit of sometimes trying to eat said poop I cleaned it up right away. I was so happy though that I know it came through & don't have to worry about it anymore! Again, who thought I would be so happy that he pooped!?!?!?!? lol

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