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1 >>> usuing his paws is a sign of intelligence.

2 >>> learn dog behaviour. he's not cheating.

3 >>> your pregnant. protect yourself. don't
do things that encourages your dog to put
his paws on you.

4 >>> protect your baby. if your dog puts
his paws on your baby it's your fault.
watch the dog and the baby closely.
never leave them alone.

Originally Posted by CarlyNine View Post
I'm not sure if this is a breed thing, or if its a behavior I can alter...

1 >>>> My pup is a year old, and he uses his paws a bit too much. Those suckers are big and can hurt if you're not careful.

2 >>>> When we tug, he cheats and uses his paws to try to win.

3 >>>> If I lay down on the floor, he will lay next to me but tries to put his paws on me and they're heavy! A couple times they've landed on my face.

4 >>>>I'm pregnant and I'm worried about him trying to put those suckers on the baby.

Can I get him to knock this off? Teach him that it hurts?
It's like he doesn't realize he is big and can hurt me....

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