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The perfect dog (yeah right)

Ok this is a partial vent partial question. My sister-in-law has a chocolate lab. This dog is considered to be the "perfect dog." I am always hearing about all the great things Dixie can do and how well behaved she is. Today we are having a birthday party for my 2 year old Rayne. When we walked through the door of my mother-in-law's house Dixie started barking and growling. My sister-in-law told her to hush, which didn't work, and told my kids to pet her so she would stop. When she kept growling my SIL went and got one of her toys and gave it to her. She then my kids not to try and take it cause Dixie might bight them.

I am no expert on dogs, but I have dealt with them for way longer than my SIL. This is the 1st dog she has owned that I know of. She uses a shock collar set way to high, the theory is if you show the dog it hurts then the dog will behave to avoid it. Today she had a prong collar on very loosely around the base of the dogs neck. It is driving me nuts watching all the things she is doing wrong with this dog. She is convinced my boy Ammo is not trained as well as her dog and I don't know as much because Ammo is not cat friendly and her dog is. Her dog was raised with her cats, Ammo has never been around cats.

How do I deal with her dog growling at my kids. My SIL rewards the dog when she growls, with toys or petting. I am very worried that her dog will snap at my daughter and hurt her. I really want to be snotty but I can not, remember she is someone I have to deal with for a very long time. I can tell my older 2 kids to leave Dixie alone but my 2 year old thinks ever dog is like her Ammo. Should I just start bringing Ammo with us so Rayne has a dog to play with that won't bite her? Should I keep Ammo away so he won't attack Dixie for threatening his kids? Should I just ignore Dixie and let her owner deal with it? If it was your kids what would you do?

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