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After going to three different trainers, I would suggest finding someone that specializes in the breed or working line dogs for sure. I would avoid anyone who says you have to be super firm with shepherd at least from the puppy stage...our first snatched the leash from my daughter and over corrected our male...we had to work a while to get him over the fear of trainers. It could have been avoided. She also kept telling us out 3 month old pups were bully breed and had to be dealt with differently....she had a couple of decades as a trainer....we left and did not return to her class....the second was great but did basic stuff, she did not have a bias against any breed. She just did not offer the detailed and extended training for working line dogs....having ours for almost a year...we have found they LOVE to work....they LIVE AND BREATHE to work. The last trainer owns 5 and works working line dogs. He has been a godsend. He challenges them and they love it...biggest difference! They get so excited when we pull in to his place...(1 hour from our home) long drive but worth it for what we all get from it! We did get two puppy's, and don't regret it....BUT....BUT....we have four of us in the family...2 adults, 2 teens...we all attending training every week, since they were 3 months old. We can't miss, if we do, the dogs show their boredom. I am also a stay at home mom....! So while the kids are in school....I work and spend time with them. Constantly...I split the time between them so they get one on one and develop their own personality. It worked they are polar opposite. Some days my husband takes one or the other to the office...and we switch off. It takes a lot of work and effort to raise two, had we had a choice we would only have one at a time, but both girls will be running and training for different sports and 1 dog could never handle running with each child every day...these dogs were for companion running and to later be protection dogs for future training for our daughters when running alone....we had to make the time and energy but even being a stay at home mom....I really have to push myself to train, run them tired, play and take care of them. It is all day, especially when they hit different stages that take a lot more energy! Different stages of growth and maturity....they need double the mental exercise, double the play time, double the attention! The different stages are mentally draining and physically draining. Their were times we thought miles would never slow down again...Millie's phases last a couple of days....miles does great for months, then bammmm....3-4 weeks of non stop never ending ENERGY! Luckily....we divide and conquer here...and have teens that can handle and have been to all the training sessions gives us a little better base for two dogs. With everyone training and using the same method, the structure and commands are very consistent which they respond well to. I have also learned they want to be with their pack....a lot....all the time....rarely separated....that was the biggest thing to adjust to...every time I get shoes...they sit by the door leading to the garage...they love the car...just dropping kids at school they are ready to go... Good luck on your pups. They are soooo cute! PS...I would recommend getting lots of puzzles, games that challenge the brain...rainy days will be murder....

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