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Default The science of ears

So as some of you may know, 8-month-old Warden has had some trouble with his ears standing. Since about 6 months, his right ear seems to be getting slowly softer. It fell when he was tired for awhile, and now only stands when chewing, walking, etc. we've started reinforcing it at the crease and it stands.
Now his left ear flops back too, and I'm wondering, what the heck?!

He gets 2000 calories a day of food that includes: solid gold barking at the moon, hamburger meat, an egg, fish oil, kelp and probiotic supplement. He is a healthy weight for his height now, but used to be underweight. He has an antler he likes to chew and plenty of toys.

What actually causes ears to fall? Is his diet off? Too much/ not enough of something? Can a growth spurt cause this? It's a bit late for the ear dance, so am I doing something wrong? Or just going to have a floppy eared dog? It's frustrating

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