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Originally Posted by ZoeysMom View Post

I would like help with my issue. I'll be as descriptive as possible about Zoey and her past. So she went into her first heat mid November and has been a bit more aggressive since. She is extremely well behaved most of the time. I walk her twice a day and try to keep her pretty busy. I'll play fetch in the house too when she wants to play. She listens to commands, obeys boundaries, isn't aggressive at all towards other animals or people. She's good with kids, strangers, small dogs, big dogs, tolerates my cats attacking her without retaliation. Generally shes a good dog. Lately though when I ignore her because I'm doing work or watching a movie she'll jump up on the couch (which is okay she sleeps on it all the time) but start pawing. at me, barking at me, and snapping at me. If I tell her No and to stop she will get aggressive and bark more and snap at my face. The more I try to correct her and get to her stop the worse she gets. Today she bit me in the cheek which has caused my face to swell around my cheekbone. Thankfully didn't break skin. When she gets like this how would you folks recommend me to react? So far I've tried telling her No, tried making her get off the couch and usually end up having to put her in the cage because I'm scared shes really going to hurt me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and in the household she is my dog. So I do all the walking, feeding, playing and everything. My boyfriend has little to do with her and she rarely pesters him.

My first thought is that this dog is bored. She needs more exercise and outlets for her energy. She is young and mostly likely testing and pushing boundaries. Exercise and structure will go a long way.

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