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Advice requested (2 eleven wk old pups, need training advice)

Ok, I've always been a dog person. I have throughout my life mostly had rescue dogs of undetermined breed. They have all been loved and well behaved and trained. Some admittedly better then others. I already had four dogs that live in my house, my father lives with me and he has a French bull dog, we have a roommate who has a stubby tail Australian cattle dog, I have a min pin, chi mix and a what we assume is is chow/collie mix. A friend of mine had a rescue GSD male, he was a beautiful dog who was actually AKC papered, but had sadly been very neglected and starved and was untrained/un socialized. She never should have taken him being as she had small children, she also had a young female GSD. So we all know what happened next, Of course she bred them. After the breeding her male broke through the dog run fence and severely attacked her youngest child. The child lived, though she was very badly injured. The dog was put down. She lives a state away from me and the week before Christmas I went to visit, I feel in love with two of the pups and I brought them home with me. I have done a ton of reading about the breed, a ton. I've talked to our vet at length about the differences between these puppies and the other dogs I have. I am aware they will need training above and beyond what I have done with my other dogs. And excessive Exercise, which isn't a problem because I run and other then the cattle dog the others are all too old to run with me anymore. The puppies are now 11 weeks old and here at home we have already started working on basic obedience but I know we need to start stepping things up. I've been in contact with a local schutzhund group and I'm planning on going out and checking that out. But here are my questions for the group.
What do I look for in a trainer? What should I avoid? Any other general advice you think I should know?
IMO my pups are stunningly beautiful, but I know I'm biased. There names are Rudolph and Adolph ( and no there is no association to hitler) I choose the names because of what they mean in german. I am attaching a few pictures of them.
This is Rudolph
Advice requested (2 eleven wk old pups, need training advice)-imageuploadedbypg-free1389466995.316939.jpg
This is Adolph
Advice requested (2 eleven wk old pups, need training advice)-imageuploadedbypg-free1389467034.861876.jpg

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