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Practical solutions for managing poo in the winter

I've never posted before, but I've been lurking here for almost a year now, since we adopted our first rescue GSD. We now have two rescue shepherds living in our home. I'm interested in any advice on how to manage the yard during the snow and rain of winter (we are in New England). Having not pursued every elimination during heavy snow, we developed quite a bit in the yard. Of course the snow melted and then it rained. We've performed multiple clean-up efforts to remove as much as possible, but there seems to be quite a bit of poo mud from the snow melt and rain (or some that started out less than ideal) that I can't get off the grass. Although the pups usually use only one section of the yard, which is not the main play area, I believe this poo mud is making its way into my house. I'm finding daylight savings time is also a challenge in the poo maintenance department.

Normally, we try to pickup every time one of the pups goes (especially since we have a poo connoisseur here who loves to chew on toys and give kisses). It just got away from us in the last month or so.

Does anyone have suggestions on:
(1) how to manage poo in tough winter conditions (can you recommend pickup tools, how do you manage when there is a foot or more of snow?)
(2) how to reclaim the yard once it has that layer of poo mud
(3) tricks to keeping the mud outside
(4) any other tips or tricks you can think off

I really appreciate any responses! I'm off to pickup and mop duty again!!!
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