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Hello all

New to the GSD Forum but not to doggies. My background was with Bull/Mastiff/Pit mixes.Boxer/Pitts and Boxers.

I was into animal rescue and Fostering Cats/Dogs. We "Fostered'' Rocky (BLK GSD) at 7 months in 2007. He was from a BYB and was born with "AXTAXI'. We fell in love with him and he's been with us ever since.

We brought him into our household with a Female Boxer (No issues there) and a Dominate Male Bull Mastiff/Pit Mix (issues) not with the BullMasstiif (Gunther) but Rocky GSD.

They had lived together for about 18-26 months when one day "out of the Blue" Rocky attacked Gunther.

That's when I realized I had failed as a pack leader, Rocky never gave "me" any issue but he had a problem with Gunther. That's when I learned the proper way to break up a dog fight. An emergency rooms use long needles to close up stitches! (On me, I also learned you can't pry open a GSD's jaws with your fingers.)

I learned about "Rank drive" and maturity in GSD's, establishing pack order etc, no more free feeding, who goes out the door first etc. And muzzles.

The dogs suffered no damage but I was getting pretty beat up. Saddly Gunther passed away after the last attack. It was unrelated to the attack but I strongly suspect it was because of vaccines and bad info from the vet!

Anyway that had me down to the Boxer and the GSD a GSD is not a Boxer, family and the cats and Struddell (White Boxers) are fine. Friends bear watching and a cold stare from his bed, not licks,kisses and wiggle butt dancing.

But I worked with him I allowed no one to Pet him on walks for years and needless to say we stayed away from other dogs on walks and of course no dog parks.Which was my moto anyway so that was not a change.

But after awhile I noticed that in public he was non reactive to other dogs and could careless about strangers. We took him to the free vaccines clinic and with all the badly behaving dogs there he was actually one of the few well behaved dogs, he never gave or gives any of the vet techs any grief.

I would most likely get another GSD but the wife says aww "NO". So we'll be adding another Boxer. (We lost Struddell last November battled with Degenerative Myleopathy for 18 months)

Kinda long and rambling but that's the essence and yeah now I understand why GSD's are good at what they do!

And on an unrelated note...Wolf/GSD hybreds? Are you Freaking kidding me!!!!!!!!
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