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Training Tips to Help Lessen Fear of Cars Going By

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any good training advice to help my five month old German Shepherd/Doberman mix puppy be less afraid of cars when she's out on her walks. We hired a trainer, but to make a very, very long story short she wasn't as good as I'd hoped she'd be. I tried using treats to distract Zoe from the cars at first, but that didn't work as well as I thought it would. She still shakes and pulls whenever we walk around the corner or go to cross the street.

I vaguely remember my Bichon Frise Esme doing something similar as a puppy, so I have a feeling it's just a matter of Zoe getting used to the sights and sounds, but I just feel bad that she's scared and would like to help her get over her fear. Esme eventually outgrew her skittishness around cars, so I'm hoping with some time and effort on my part, Zoe will too.


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