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Originally Posted by Eiros View Post
How old is she? Playing chase is a big game for puppies, and it's tons of fun! So, things I've found to help are:

Speaking in an excited voice when calling her to come
Running in the direction you want her to go (from the back yard to the door, for example) and she might want to chase you!
Rewarding a good "come" with a treat, or more play

I also call my pup to me and then release him for more fun. A lot of times, "come" to a pup can signify "fun is over" and they resist. Try a few things to make obedience fun and motivating, and it should help. Call her, reward, then play more! Repeat a few times when you're outside with her.

Crating a puppy is ok as long as she gets plenty of exercise, training, and love when she's not crated. Very young puppies need to be let out every couple of hours for potty when they are crated for periods during the day and if crated at night. I try to avoid crating my dog often though, because he has too much energy, and boredom can lead to some very bad behaviors!

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