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How do you exercise your puppy?

Lola has lots of energy and it's difficult to wear her out without walking/hiking for 3+ hours. Which I would be perfectly fine with if I didn't have 3 young kids and now my mom (who just had a stroke in Nov) living with me to care for.

I love to run and I know I can't really run with Lola yet (she'll be 21 weeks tomorrow) but walking or hiking just doesn't wear her out. We play fetch, but that only interests for for like 15 minutes. Is it bad if I take her out on trails and run with her, if I let her set the pace? I'm talking really slow pace (11 min. miles) with rests if she needs for a couple miles?

She loves the flirt pole, but it's only fun for her if I run with it and have her chase it. Or if she gets to jump for it (which I hear is bad for her hips)

I do obedience with her several times a day and give her puzzle treat balls. On Monday she'll start her obedience class and I'll also sign her up for tracking but with the snow they don't have classes.

So I'm curious on how everyone else does to wear their pup out?
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