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Angry Beyond angry and worried

I am so dang mad!! I canít even believe it. For you who donít know, I have a 3 year old Great Dane that has lost a lot of weight over the last month (23lbs). We took him to his vet and they did blood work and everything, they then tell us ďeverything looks fine, change his foodĒ. So we change his food, still losing weight so we talked to our other vet. (We were planning on switching Abel, our Great Dane over to our GSDís vet) So we tell him whatís going on and he tell us to have the old vet fax Abelís file over to them and heíll look at it. So we do that, and our new vet tells us to bring in a stool sample next time we come in for Ridley, our GSD. So we bring it in and not 24 hours later we get a call telling us Abel had Giardia and Hook Worms. WHAT THE @!(@#($!!!!!!!!!!! The new vet tells us that this is treatable but he didnít understand how the other vet missed thisÖ. My question exactly!!!! I canít believe our old vet! Iím so angry and disappointment in our old vet, this was an easy fix but it could have become something serious because he doesnít know what heís doing. Iím so glad we switched vets. We have both the dogs on antibiotics to combat the Giardia and Abel has one for his hook worm. Is just goes the show you, paying a little more for a vet visit is TOTALLY worth it!! Do your research before choosing a vet. Anyways, unfortunately we also found out from our last vet visit that Ridley has high PH and protein levels in her urine. The vet is having us give her 500mg vitamin C tablets a day to try to lower her PH levels. Once they get the PH levels down to normal he will take another look at the protein levels, were hoping the high protein levels are from the PH levels but it could be her kidneys. Each vet visit seems to cost more and more money and its beginning to really stress us out but we have no choice, Iím not going to let my dogs stay sick. I really canít help but feel there something weíre doing wrong..... We are doing our best but it looks like our best isnít cutting it. It so hard for us to see our babies sick and we will keep trying to get them back to 100%.
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