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Cool Color Question: 4 months, 1 week old

What is the difference between a black and tan and a black and silver, and can they ever mingle?

My puppy is a black and tan - or at least I thought so! - (unknown yet as to whether he'll be saddle or blanket back) but I've noticed just in the past week or so that a lot of the coloring coming in around his neck, behind his legs, and around his chest are silvery looking. First he was all black except for some tan markings on his feet and face. Now he's mostly still black with tan moving up his legs into the underbelly. The silver is seen progressively moving from the center of his chest (he did not have a white patch) out almost like a low hanging necklace. The tan is moving also from his bottom down along the backside of his tail (you can only see tan if he lays down or lifts his tail) but he's also got silver around the tufts of hair that are longer along the back of his rear legs (where it's fluffy).

Just curious when his adult coat will be totally in and whether he's going to be more silver? I'm just curious. I've noticed the other pup I've been comparing him to (same age, everything) looks much more tan. My puppy's coloring is very light tan and not a rich color, which probably comes from the fact that he wasn't well bred. Just curious because whenever I brush him, I don't get black and tan hairs like I used to a couple of weeks ago - it's very light grey fur... I contacted the breeder yet AGAIN to get a pedigree and they are not responding so that's kind of a crapshoot. Thank you for reading. Sorry for the long thread but I would appreciate some responses as to your experiences with color? Pictures would be a nice compliment to any responses. I'll have to get on my phone and add some of him, I'm on my laptop where I don't have the ability to attach pictures at the moment.
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