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Default Help me with this biting nipping

Hey all,
Been following this forum for a few months and finally decided to make a user name.
I have a one year 6 month old Gsd male. He is from a breeder in northern NJ. I have had him since 7 weeks old. He knows his commands, reliable, a genius. He is my third dog, I had him at petsmart as a start. Taught him there and taught him what I knew from my first two dogs.
We also had private training with a Dogtra collar 1900ncp. This device amazed me as well as the training and his eagerness to learn. I trust him 100% off leash with and without the training collar.
So, why am I writing this post? For the life of me, I can't get him to stop the unnecessary 'puppy' biting/nipping. I've done everything I could and he still hasn't grown out of it. I've tried redirecting the behaviour, giving him something to chew on, excersize, yelling.. You name it I tried. I'm at wits end. Is there anyone out there that can help me or show me how to get him to stop.
He is 95-98pounds and it's getting to the point that I'm loosing my mind.
The reason I THINK he is like this is because the breeder gave him to us at 7 weeks. He never associated that nipping hurts his playmates and he continues to do it..

Please help.

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