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Pancreatic Insufficiency

My vet is concerned about Vader having Pancreatic Insufficiency, however the test is almost $200 and I'm here to get some of the board's experience and opinions with this.

Vader is 1 year old next week, he's eating 4 and a half cups of food a day and is 53lbs. Before 6 months old he had 2 surgeries for foreign body in his intestines and Intussusception. He's always been thin, but they don't like that he hasn't started filling out yet. We recently switched him to his adult blend of food and he's gained 5lbs since doing so. He's always hungry, and going more than 12 hours without food especially when super active results in yellow bile vomiting.

I'm not neglecting to get the test because I don't care, I just simply cannot afford a $200 blood test right now. I'm beyond tapped out and just saved every dollar from Christmas money to get him fixed and would appreciate some other perspectives on this.
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