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Thanks! I'm glad we agree!

I've had him for almost 12 months now. We've done 2 basic puppy training courses, 1 intermediate course (which he failed), and 1 agility foundation course. All courses were 6 weeks long. I really liked the agility training course and so did he. I wasn't going to do any training courses with him this year and just work on everything that has been given to me at all the courses I've already done, but maybe I'll rethink that.

Manners training is ongoing with him, and I do recall training everyday (like 5 minutes). Until we got buried with snow, I made my own basic agility course in the backyard and was doing that 1x or 2x a day with him.

There is no dog park in my area. The closest one I know of is 45 minutes one way. There is no doggie day care either.

Back to a just because my dog loves playing with other dogs (especially females), doesn't necessarily mean he'll want to live with one right? And share all his things with...including me? I fear he might get jealous.
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