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Being overprotective?

So I had a little problem this morning..... I'm staying with my folks temporarily while I do some training for work. This morning my dad woke me up to ask me a question, it startled me and I kind of jumped when he woke me up, my dog went.....nuts. Didn't bite or anything (had ample opportunity to) but full on cujo growl, barking, etc. from then until my dad left for work, anytime he walked in the same room or got anywhere near me, dog went full on protective mode. He knows my dad, always been super friendly with him, been living here for a couple of weeks since Christmas time, so its not a totally new situation he's in.

I know the cause of the situation was me being startled at being woken up, so its not totally out of the blue, and I'm totally fine having a protective dog (He's always been wary of strangers), but is there a fix for this problem? I consider my self to be pretty well versed in basic dog training, but this is new to me, I'd rather my dog didn't growl at friends and family members. Thanks in advance.

Edit: I'm a NILIF fan, dog is currently in lockdown obediance mode because of this, is that the correct response?
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