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Dr. Tims or Annamaet or...

Well Silas has finally stabilized on pro plan sensitive skin and stomach. While I don't mind him staying on this I think he needs more nutritional value from his food. He is always hungry and if I go over the regular dose his stools get soft again so I stick to about 2 1/2 cups 3x a day at 5 months old. Seems to work. He seems to be growing good his skin/fur is looking good and his stools are much firmer. Of course I do use perfect form by honest kitchen 2x a day in his food.

Anyway we started off on TOTW, then fromms with no such luck. Then decided to give PP SSS a try. I think he has been on it for a month or a little more. I want to continue this for another month but then want I find something with a higher nutritional value so he does not seem so hungry all the time. His weight seems fine, maybe a tad on the lighter side but he looks healthy. He weighed in at 45 lbs at just over 4 months.
Honestly even though PP is not the best it has worked great so far and I would not even consider changing it if it was not for the fact Silas seems hungry all the time even though he seems to be gaining weight steadily. I want something with less fillers and more nutritional value to hopefully fill him better.

Silas seems to be one of those GSD with sensitive skin and stomach.
Here is my goal:
More nutritional value
Firm stools
Filling food

So my research has brought me to Annamaet and Dr. Tim. In talking to Dr. Tim he recommends the pursuit and in looking at Annamaet I was looking at the 26%. He was so kind to answer all my questions!

Any thoughts on those two foods. Price range is about where I need to be. Really can't go higher. Any other thoughts are also greatly appreciated! I am open to others. In the next three weeks I would like to start a slow transition onto another food to see how he does. That will give him a couple months on PP before changing. Or should I give him more time since he is stable. I just feel so neglectful when he sits at the dog food bowl and looks at me like....FEED me....LOL

The more I look at food options the more confused I get...I have never had such an issue with finding the right food so I haven ever really been through this frustration. I use to feed simply nourish to all my pups with great success.....the one I have actually have not tried yet with Silas, maybe that is my answer.
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