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Default Things NOT TO FEED your dog.

Please delete this thread if another thread exists, although i search but didn;t find it.

Please list the foods that we shouldn't feed our dogs.

I didn't knew that dog's should not eat Grapes and raisin, and i heard somewhere that dog shouldn't be fed onions???

I mistakenly fed my dog 3-4 raisin around November 5-6. He had a little diarhea and some vomiting, i did not knew i should not feed it until this morning when i read it somewhere in this forum.
I didn't knew it is toxic and did not tell the vet either, he advised metronidazole (spelling may not be right) and after few days he was okay.

I read an articele in wikipedia, here is the article i googled more and did not find much, should i still be worried???

And is the Onion thingy true???

Please list other foods which should not be fed as well, i am sure it would be helpful to others and specially for newbies like me.

Things you should never feed your dog:
1: Grapes
2: Raisin
3: Onions????

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